Parenting plans: Resolving conflict issues after divorce

Not every California divorce goes smoothly. In fact, some people, especially parents who disagree about child-related issues, part ways on highly acrimonious terms. Children are often negatively affected by parental conflict in divorce, so parenting plans should always focus on their best interests.

However, one parent might have kids' best interests in mind but the other might be acting selfishly or totally disregard a court order. Sadly, sometimes a parent drops out of a child's life after divorce, then suddenly wants to re-enter at a later time. This can cause high levels of stress between former spouses and for children, as well.

If a custodial parent has sole custody and an ex wants to suddenly come back into a child's life or appeal a court's custody decision, it is always a good idea to consult with an experienced family law attorney to prepare a course of action to protect one's parental rights. The parent who wishes to reunite with his or her children will also likely be acting alongside legal representation. Parents whose highest priority is the health and well-being of their children may be able to negotiate a fair arrangement. An experienced custody attorney typically has a lot of experience as a negotiator, which can be a great asset, especially if a parent is having difficulty achieving a compromise.

Writing out clear terms in a detailed manner is the best way to resolve conflict and develop post-divorce parenting plans when an absentee parent wants to come back into his or her children's lives. Details may include when and where visits will take place, locations for custody exchanges, whether supervision will be required for the newly returning parent and more. A custodial parent in California or elsewhere can be cautious, while at the same time, encouraging re-established bonds between his or her children and their other parent.

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