Don't let child custody issues impede your kids' ability to cope

When you told your children you had filed for divorce in a California court, they likely had different reactions. Perhaps one child became sullen and quiet while another expressed anger and frustration. While every child's reaction to such news is unique, most kids are able to adapt if they have the constant love and support of both parents. If child custody problems arise, it's always best to resolve them as amicably and swiftly as possible.

Children typically cope best in divorce when they have active, healthy relationships with both of their parents. Parental conflict tends to cause kids high levels of stress. It's far better for your children to witness your willingness to cooperate and compromise with your ex for their sake than to constantly be exposed to negativity or confrontation.

Drafting a solid parenting plan can help keep custody problems at bay. You can be as detailed as you like in the terms of your agreement, such as listing where your children will spend each holiday, birthday or other summer break from school. In fact, this type of written plan often helps divorced parents avoid confusion and discord in their post-divorce lifestyles.

Problems can definitely arise if, for instance, your ex disregards a court order. If your child custody arrangement specifies that you get the kids for Fourth of July and your co-parent makes plans to take them somewhere, that's a problem. Molsby & Bordner, LLP, is committed to providing strong support and guidance to any and all California parents who are currently facing legal problems related to custody or visitation agreements.

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