Hudson and Ortunga have achieved a child custody agreement

For some time now, actress Jennifer Hudson and her ex, David Ortunga, have been fighting over legal issues regarding their son. Many fans of "Hudson in California" and beyond have been following the case. While the two were never married, they were engaged for a time. After deciding to end their relationship, the former couple was unable to agree on child custody matters regarding their son, who is now age nine.

The unresolved custody issues led to a long, contentious battle in court between Hudson and Ortunga that went on for two years. On a recent Tuesday, however, the two parents finally signed an agreement. This came after nearly 10 hours of closed-door negotiations. The former couple also reportedly met with the judge without presence of legal representation for a private discussion.

The road to peace was not without tremendous challenges. At one point, Hudson had accused Ortunga of domestic violence and filed for a protective order. The court cleared him of any wrongdoing, however. Some parents in this state may relate to such problems, as this is definitely not the first time one parent has accused another of domestic violence during custody proceedings.

The Hudson/Ortunga child custody case shows that parents can overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles to obtain a fair and agreeable outcome when they are willing to cooperate and compromise for the sake of their children. In such situations, it is helpful to rely on experienced attorneys who are well-versed in family law issues. Any California parent currently concerned about similar matters may seek consultation with a family law attorney at any time.

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